We made it to India!!

July 11th, 2013

While in the airport in Germany awaiting our plane to Mumbai, I saw a stunning woman. She was an older woman, but every time I looked at her I had to smile! She reminded me of the beautiful willow tree in “Pocahontas.” Her wisdom shown through her face and she had a calm serenity about her… She was beautiful!

We have all made it safely to our hotel in Mumbai! The plane rides were interesting as well as a bit frightening in some instances, but all and all it was good!
I have been picking up things as I go along to remember for any future traveling I may have!
When you ride a German Airline, expect to hear a LOT of German!
The VERY warm towelettes the flight attendants pass out are for you to wipe your hands!
DO NOT hit your head on the rail in the very small airplane bathroom… It hurts
Euros are a rip off! McDonald’s chicken nuggets shouldn’t cost 9,99 euros (making them $20)
Airplane food is very good, until you hit foreign countries… (Germany was good though!)
If you are not looking for the good, YOU WILL find the bad in EVERY situation!
Indian charter buses are pretty neat!
A lot of honking goes on in India, and I am glad I don’t have to drive because they drive strange!
Tomorrow we are basically taking a day to rest! More pictures to come soon! God Has BIG Plans!

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