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July 19th, 2014


We made it to India!

At the current moment I am wide awake and I really need to be sleeping. It’s a little past 1am here. However thanks to not being able to sleep in planes I was so exhausted I only woke up long enough to have dinner. So this makes a perfect time to blog.

I can’t explain the feeling of arriving in Aurangabad! It feels like I came home! I literally can not fully explain how excited I am to be back reunited with this place and culture. We get to see our kids tomorrow and go to the school. I can’t wait to hold my India children! I miss them just as much as I miss my Julia, because I love them as my own.

I also miss everyone in the US. I was so weird to not wake up to Raven or walk to my office or go to monks or hang out with Hannah, Logan, and Tanner or go to Aldersgate on Sunday. While I still want to eventually be in India full time I know that right now in my life isn’t the time to pack up and move here. And knowing that doesn’t change anything about how much I want to be here it only makes me realize how much “family” I have both at home and here.

Peace and blessing,

Ps. I don’t think I ever will like the flights to get here!

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