All Shall Be Well

July 20th, 2014

Dear Lord,

Today I pray you continue to make true the promise you gave to Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

Thank you for today, Amen

These last two days have been a whirlwind of emotions for myself and our entire team. Yesterday we had the great privilege of beginning our morning in devotion and prayer with a group of pastors from Aurangabad who meet every Friday. We started the morning in song, which is how I would start every morning if I could! The beautiful thing about these songs was the feeling of connection. Though I had no idea what we were singing, I felt connected to the people in the church as a whole. One of the characteristics I love about song is the way it can bind any group together! God is good!

Yesterday we also got the chance to tour some of the different religious temples in Aurangabad. This is always one of the highlights for me. At some point I heard someone say, “If you are a Christian why should you need to look in other places of worship for other religions?” But I feel since I am strong in my own faith, I should be able to look at and process other religions with an open heart. The first two temples, one Hindu and the other Hare Krishna (another form of Hindu), didn’t give us a chance to be very interactive with the people of the religion. Though the last one we went to, a Sikh temple, was the exact opposite. We were shown the place of worship and had their understanding of the religion explained to us in a very kind way. We were also shown different places where people are served food and can stay for free. I feel, though, the best part of the tour was getting to sit with our guide in a “round table” setting and share what we believe with him. He asked questions and so did we!

For lunch yesterday we had the great blessing of sharing a meal with the people from the leprosy community. I enjoyed doing this much more this year because before worship we were able to divide into small groups and visit with the people. I had about four or five women in my group and one small girl. As they were telling me about themselves, the same feelings of loneliness were shared by each one. Each of them felt as if they had been abandoned, whether it had been by family or community. But each women was so beautiful in a very unique way. Looking into the eyes of those women was where I saw God yesterday.

Today the women on our team lead a Women’s Conference for some of the Christian women in Aurangabad. Our theme was “Share Your Story.” To begin Jessica gave a brief talk about shame, vulnerability, and worthiness within community. Afterwards each person from our team shared a small glimpse of their life. The last thing we did was to wash the feet of each women who attended the conference. Having my feet touched is a normal thing, but to touch the feet of these women meant so much more. Touching someone’s feet is seen as touching the worst, most dirty part of their body. After we washed their feet, they almost demanded to wash ours! It was so meaningful to visit, share, laugh, touch, and cry with these amazing women of God!

Last night after, our visit with the people from the leprosy community, I had a daunting thought. A few nights ago I realized I have begun to ignore the beggars on the streets, but the only way some of the women in my group could make money is to beg on the streets… Would I ignore those women? Would I even glance their way? What if they recognized me and I didn’t recognize them?

~ Caitie Wood

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