The Culture in India

July 22nd, 2014

Every day I spend here in India, I learn something new and exciting! The culture is so overwhelming.

Day 3 was a very exciting and interesting day. I started off the day with helping Mark Waters teach a religion class at the school. This was very interesting, because there were a variety of religions in the class. After that we went to the Mini Taj Mahal. This was probably one of the most interesting things.

The next day was filled with even more new and exciting things! We ended up going to two Hindu temples and one Sikh Gurdwara. While here my definition of hospitality was extended to a whole new horizon. While visiting the places the people there did everything they could to make us feel welcomed! And then to add the that, when we went to the gurdwara, the Sikh lay person that was giving us a tour, sat down with us at a table and had a meal with us. It was beautiful! I continue to see similarities between these religions and Christianity.

After that we went to eat with people from a leprosy colony. This was a very heart filling experience. These people are rejected by society and thrown out to fend for themselves. Just by sitting down next to them, holding there hand, and feeding them a meal really made my heart warm.

While sitting with with them I could really see God. Every time I held there hand I was touching God and every time I was looking into there eyes, I was looking into the eyes of God. It was so beautiful!!

I can definitely feel God moving here and I can’t wait to see what we experience next.

Until Next Time

Grace and Peace,

Jack Payne

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