McMurry in Motion: El Paso

December 18th, 2014

As I am snuggling into my “bed” on the hard floor tonight, I begin thinking about the past two days. It is insanely crazy to think that it has only been two full days since we arrived in El Paso. In the two short days, our team has done everything from cleaning out a moldy basement to scrubbing chairs in the daycare (which seems easy enough, but is actually extremely tedious and frustrating). However, throughout the two days, a fee things have stood out.

First of all, there is Joel, who is perhaps the nicest man in the world. From the second we arrived here at the Houchen Center, he has made us feel completely at home with his warm laughs and his loving hugs (which smell really good by the way). His servant heart is just so evident and contagious.

One thing that we had the privilege of doing today was handing out coats to some of the kids in the community. The joy on their faces when they got to pick out their own coat was absolutely priceless. Especially at this time of the year, with Christmas right around the corner, it is extremely humbling to see this joy over something so necessary as a jacket. The manners that they had were also amazing. Even if they didn’t speak English, either a very enthusiastic or a very shy “thank you” came our way from each child.

We were also given the opportunity to tour a branch of the enunciation buikding called Casa Vides. Here, we learned about the servantship that they do through helping the migrants who cross the border for all different reasons. This was another amazing experience. It made me and many others stop and think about what exactly it is God is calling us to do. For me, it reminded me that God has called me to have a huge servant’s heart in every way possible, both at home and maybe even in spanish speaking communities one day.

Throughout the few days we have been here, there has been serious times, times of fellowship, and of course a LOT of times for laughter. All in all, I would say it’s been the perfect first half of the trip.


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