McMurry in Motion: El Paso

December 20th, 2014

imageThis past week in El Paso has impacted me greatly. I have seen God in so many ways. In the love of the Houchen volunteers, the eyes of the families we have helped, the way my peers are so willing and excited to help others in any way possible. Each day God is teaching me something new, but today in particular has stood out to me the most. We had the opportunity to give out bags of food along with toys to families in need. Interacting with these families and seeing how greatful they were made my heart enormously happy, but it was heavy at the same time. We gave out over 460 bags of groceries to those who needed it. It was amazing knowing that we were helping so many people, however it was a wake up call. There is an overwhelming amount of people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Many kids who won’t be getting any presents this Christmas. We tend to turn a blind eye to the needy around us. We stay focused on our needs instead of looking out for others. This is something that needs to stop. The Houchen Center is doing some fantasic work in El Paso, but I encourage you, no matter where you are, to spend some time volunteering or to give to those in need. We are all called to be servants and to share God’s love, and by doing this you could very easily change someones life.

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