US Army holds Suture Clinic for McMurry Students

Students learn to suture an incisionStaff Sergeant Juan Gonzalez helped us put on a suture clinic for McMurry students interested in the health professions (March 27).

Thirty-one students, interested in pursuing a wide variety of health professions, attending the lab.

Students used pigs feet as patients and learned to make an incision followed by two types of sutures.  They used suture needles with attached thread, a needle driver, forceps, scissors, and a scalpel.

The sutures weren’t easy to make, but by the end of the lab, the participants were making neater stitches, breaking threads and needles less frequently, and tying off much faster.  It was quite an experience and we appreciate the U. S. Army for putting on this event for us!


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Dr. Devin Lowe introduces opportunities in biotechnology

Dr. Devin Lowe, TTU School of PharmacyDr. Devin Lowe, faculty member from the Abilene campus of the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy, spent some time introducing the field of biotechnology to McMurry science students.

Biotechnology is technology that has a human aspect as well as a world aspect.  Biotechnology allows us to detect disease, prevent or reduce sickness, and develop nutritionally-enhanced crops.  On a large scale, biotechnology allows us to produce biofuels, develop sustainable farming products, and develop crops that can cope with increasingly common drought conditions.

The Biotech master’s degree can open up career options in industry, academia, or other areas (such as agriculture, environmental quality, clinical lab settings, or regulatory agencies.)  Biotech jobs are increasing at a rate faster than the average for all jobs.  The largest number of openings are for lab technicians, research associates, and scientists.  The vast majority of the funds currently being invested in biotechnology are going into the pharmaceutical sector.  Texas is rated #2 in the U.S. for employed scientists in life sciences.

The Biotech master’s program accepts approximately 10 students per year, and one of the attractive aspects of the program is the ability to secure a paid internship during the field based year of the program.

Dr. Lowe invited the students to come for a tour of the facility any time.


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