Recent graduate Bradley Rowland has article featured in Nanomedicine this month!

Feb issue of Nano MedicineBradley Rowland, 2014 graduate of McMurry University, shared this screen capture showing his article which was selected as a feature article for the February issue of Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Abstract:  Liposomes have tremendous potential as drug carriers in the treatment of cancer. However, despite enhanced tumor drug delivery and decreased toxicity, patient survival rates have not improved significantly compared to corresponding free drug treatments. Importantly, we found that a liposomal nanoparticle currently used as a drug carrier in cancer patients enhanced tumor growth in an immune competent murine model of cancer. This was associated with increased tumor angiogenesis and suppression of antitumor immune responses as indicated by decreased cytokine production by tumor macrophages and cytotoxic T cells, diminished tumor infiltration of tumor-specific T cells, and decreased number of dendritic cells in tumor draining lymph nodes.

As he completed his degree, Brad worked as an intern at the Abilene campus of Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.  Dr. Irene LaBeck was his faculty mentor.  He is currently working at Hendrick Hospital in the ER and planning to pursue a career in medicine.

We congratulate Mr. Rowland and look for good things in his future!

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McMagnets find crime victim in Gen Chem Lab! (not)

Simulated victim for McMagnet forensic science activity

Simulated victim for McMagnet forensic science activity

Dr. Ed Donnay has created a forensic science activity for McMurry’s 5th Grade McMagnets.  The students will be determining what constitutes “evidence” and what doesn’t.

The 5th graders will discover the “body” in the back of the General Chemistry Lab and locate additional clues that are scattered through the building.

Looks like it may be quite an interesting lesson–my money is on Dr. Donnay as the perp!

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