ATEMS high school students visit the sciences

Drs. Wilson and LeeScience, Kinesiology, and Art faculty engaged with approximately 65 seniors from ATEMS high school this afternoon.

Students started the morning with an academic assembly in Radford Hall, then some informational time with staff from the Office of Admission.  Lunch was served in the Warhawk cafeteria.

Once the meal was finished, students were escorted to various buildings on campus where McMurry faculty had prepared activities similar to those we typically do in our courses.  The Kinesiology department introduced students to the Human Performance Lab, and the Art department hosted a Photoshop session.

Science sessions included:

  • DNA extraction from fruit samples (conducted by Drs. Gary Wilson and Dana Lee, shown in photo, left)
  • an Ecological Diversity activity (conducted by Drs. Joel Brant and T. J. Boyle)
  • the Mystery Bottle in chemistry (conducted by Drs. Paul Pyenta, Ed Donnay, Hyunshun Shin, and Pam Veltkamp)
  • Cryptography and Card Tricks from the math department (conducted by Dr. Kelly McCoun and Mrs. Roxana Dita-McCoun)
  • and Aluminum Smelting from physics (conducted by Dr. Tim Renfro, and assisted by Ms. Kellie Merritt and Mr. Steve Davis)

Everyone seemed to have a great time!  Thanks go to Mr. John Martinez, principal of ATEMS high school (and McMurry alum) and Sarah Driskell from the Office of Admission.

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Computer Science and Physics students secure REU positions

Ricky Garcia (Physics) and David Charles (Computer Science) have both secured funded research positions for the summer.

REU stands for Research Experiences for Undergraduates,  and the purpose is to involve groups of undergraduate students in research supervised by a faculty members working on a federally funded project.   The REU positions are competitive, and students must apply by submitting personal statements, transcripts, and letters of reference from McMurry faculty.  The selected students will spend the full summer working on their project with housing and a living stipend provided by the host institution.

David Charles will be working at Texas Tech in the field of Declarative Programming and Healthcare/Space Exploration.  He will have opportunities to visit well known labs at Texas Tech, local hospitals, a NASA-sponsored research lab, and companies in the areas of Cybersecurity, Energy, Healthcare and Space Exploration.

Ricky Garcia hasn’t been assigned his project yet, but he will be working in the area of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M in College Station.  This field deals with product improvement, manufacturing, and automation as well as the data processing, quality assurance, and supply chain management aspects necessary to distribute technological products.

We are very excited for these two students, and want to congratulate them on their success!


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