Rev. Bill Libby supports student field research

Last fall I gave permission to Dr. Joel Brant for his students to look for different animals on my 140 acre property in Callahan County.  The property includes enclosed pastures for the longhorn cattle.  One of the pastures includes a large native pecan in the middle that attracts various birds and animals.  The rest of the property is a long area of thick woods with road and trail access.  The trees are primarily local oaks and underbrush with some mixed cedar.

Dr. Brant’s students originally used small metal traps for field mice and moles.  As you may recall Joel also trapped one vole, the second recorded trapping of that creature in Callahan County.  In the Spring semester, larger traps were being used for other animals – bobcats, skunks, raccoons, etc.  In addition at least one camera was installed to catch the animals movements.

The spring included beautiful native wildflowers; the fall will also have some.  The heavy rain has also brought large insect populations – grasshoppers, dragon flies, mosquitoes, spiders, bees, etc.

I hope to see more McMurry biology students doing field research in the coming academic year!

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