International Students’ Graduation


International Student Support Committee and McMurry Intercultural Student Association (MISA) hosted the first international student graduation & reception on April 29th, 2019. 

This special graduation idea arose from the love and care from our faculty and staff. Contrary to domestic students, it is harder for international students to invite their family and friends to come to the U.S. for their graduation. It is great to have receptions as such to let international students know that McMurry cares about each individual international student.

“For all that have been, thanks. For all that shall be, yes!” said Dr. Mark Waters, as he began his speech from a quote from Dag Hammarskjöld’s. As a faculty member, Dr. Waters highly expressed his excitement towards our increasing amount of international students since 2015. The diversity these students bring into our campus is greatly appreciated. “There will be a total of fifteen international students graduating in the coming May/August/December of 2019. McMurry is very thankful that you are here, no matter where you go tomorrow. Yes, we will be here to support you. And yes, you shall have a bright future,” added Dr. Waters.

Saleh Almohammed, an international student from Saudi Arabia, who is majoring in psychology, as well as the president for MISA, describe MISA as such, “MISA is a home to help international students to connect with the domestic students. In MISA, we learn from each other’s culture while making friends.” As a new student organization, MISA only has been involved on campus for one year. However, MISA plays a really important role as a bridge between cultures to make our campus greater. “McMurry University means family to me. I treasure the unique relationship I have here. Friends here make me feel really supported,” commented Almohammed.

McMurry University has been described as home by many international students. The welcoming environment, supportive faculty, and open minded peers are deeply loved by our students.

Francesca Mae Macariola, an international student from Philippines said, “I enjoyed studying at McMurry for the nice people, approachable professors, and plenty of opportunities.” Besides having outstanding academic performances, Macariola is a member of National Service Fraternity Alpha Psi Omega, women’s social club Alpha Psi Alpha, and the secretary of MISA. “At McMurry, things are more doable. I feel strongly encouraged to get involved,” said Macariola.

During the reception, MISA called every graduating international student’s name proudly. We love our seniors. We want you to know each of you are loved and appreciated. Your presence will be dearly missed. Congratulations on becoming a War Hawk Alumni!