Happy 96th Birthday, McMurry!


McMurry University celebrated its 96th birthday on Thursday, September 19th., “McMurry Creates,” is the highly anticipated theme for this year, and our McMurry community has responded well to it.

We cherish McMurry’s convocation traditions. The tradition begins by our entire faculty being presented in their graduation gowns. Faculty Marshal Dr. Pug Parris, professor of kinesiology, led the team and held the mace proudly. Just like Dr. Joel Brant, professor of biology said, “Use the time in college to search for your passion with the guide of these faculty,” the procession team offered an exciting start for convocation.

Michael Dontae Chambers, President of McMurry Student Government (MSG), spoke about his unique love for McMury, “We live in this lovely community. We may have common feelings while taking the same classes. We just need to keep our will and imagination and to get involved.” McMurry has always stood out with the close relationship between its faculty and students.  A welcoming environment, great people, and small class sizes helped develop this friendship. Faculty get to know who you are, and they make an effort to help you become who you want to be with higher education. The student body is also very diverse. There are many social clubs, academic clubs, and other great clubs for students. No matter if you are a domestic student or an international student, there are always many chances to get involved.

As our senior class of 2020 have developed so much love towards McMurry during their journeys, it is a bittersweet road to graduation. McMurry has been a witness for their laughs, tears, and growth. They are proud to become the youngest generation of McMurry Alumni and move on. Go War Hawks class of 2020!

“I was tearing up during the Convocation. That moment just made me feel so motivated and special to be part of class of 2023,” said Jessica Garcia, a freshman majoring in criminology. She decided McMurry was the right school for her because she enjoyed the campus tour and was impressed by the stories of successful alumni. As a new War Hawk, Garcia is excited, but not nervous. “I really enjoyed welcome week. I got to know other freshmen, upper classmen, and my advisor Dr. Daniel Patten. They make me feel like I am never alone, and I am ready.” Even new to campus, Garcia has tried to find her way to get involved. She has attended some sporting events, and decided to pledge to Alpha Phi Omega (APO),  the national service fraternity on campus.    

No matter if you are faculty, staff, student, or alumni, McMurry is overjoyed to have you celebrate its 96th birthday! Hail to our dear McMurry! All hail to thee!