What’s Up, Seniors?


While Class of 2023 is barely starting their college adventures at McMurry, seniors are already well prepared and about to leave with the treasures they have gained from McMurry.

Kaitlyn Lindsey, a senior majoring in early childhood education, created her unique experience at McMurry. Lindsey is well involved on campus. She was on the cheer team, band, Campus Activity Board (CAB), McMurry Student Government (MSG), National service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO), women’s social club Theta Chi Lambda (TCL), as well , working in the library. For such a busy schedule, Linsey developed her skills to balance her life. “I always prioritize school first and make sure to finish my work before play,” said Lindsey. She also appreciated the fact that she developed these habits at McMurry, which made Lindsey’s involvement possible. “It is not like a big school where I will just be a number. The professors here actually care and know my name,” added Linsey.

What are your expectations for college? Chances of playing sports? Being more educated? Making more friends? Having fun? McMurry is truly the one for all. Besides, it is such a supportive community for you to be you. You are not a number. You are a unique War Hawk.

Bethany Malcolm, an exercise science major, shared her experience about McMurry. “I am a member of women’s social club Delta Beta Epsilon, kinesiology honors club Phi Epsilon Kappa, and kinesiology club.” Malcolm enjoys the friendship she has built here, and was motivated to go further in her education. “I want to be a certified occupational therapist (OT) in the future, which requires a master degree. Currently, I am in the process of searching for programs and preparing application materials,” added Malcolm. She was grateful for the base stone classes she had taken as an undergraduate, which helped her found her passion of being an OT. 

If you are a student willing to pursue higher education beyond a bachelor’s degree, there are several resources around campus for you to use. Your academic advisor and major related professors should be your first options. Your professors know the road toward pursuing higher education, and they are the best at advising you in that area. The career development center also has plenty of information. Upperclassmen are a great group to talk to about continuing your education as well.

Joaquin Perez, a senior majoring in political science and minoring in sociology, expressed his personal development at McMurry. “I used to only hangout with one group. However, throughout these years, I am more involved and socialized,” commended Perez. Besides academics, he is a member of chanters, Makona men’s social club, and the sweetheart of women’s social club Alpha Psi Alpha (AYA). He developed his leadership skills by organizing fundraisers for club. Perez has the dream to become a lawyer, specializing in tax and immigration laws. He thinks that the education at McMurry has helped him gain some knowledge beyond undergraduate for further preparation. To achieve his dream, Perez plans to take a gap year after he graduates to prepare for the LSAT and search for law schools.

Critical thinking is one of the main goals of higher education. The knowledge college can teach is limited, but skills for learning and researching to expand your education are well carried out by our students. Start from today, make plans for your time in college, and see what you get when you graduate.