War Hawks’ Remote Learning


As COVID-19 continues to have an impact on higher education, McMurry University has been using remote learning for almost a month. Most classes are conducted through online platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Moodle, and WebAssign. How do our War Hawks feel about remote learning?

Alexandra Anzaldua, a freshman majoring in Early Childhood Education, has expressed the difficulty she has to overcome for remote learning. As the coronavirus caused cities to lockdown, Anzaldua stayed back home with her family. She has slow and bad internet, which makes it difficult for her to listen to a live video lecture. “I have anxiety for reaching out to professors during their online office hours because we are not face to face, and my internet may ruin the conversations,” Anzaldua said. However, in this special time, she still appreciates that she can continue studying and finish this semester.

Internet access has become super important issue right now. If you are worried about your internet, please make sure to talk to your professors. It is a hard time, but people are showing more patience and understanding toward current situations. Do not be afraid to reach out; McMurry University is still here for you.

Joseph Watson, a junior physics major and math minor, enjoys the online learning experience. “Physics is heavy in labs, but thankfully I do not have any labs this semester. Though I prefer to be in class, I have not been hurt academically by studying online,” Watson said. Some physics classes have not really changed as there are still interactive lectures on Microsoft Teams and the professors are still available to be contacted during office hours and by email, which has worked just fine. “To cover the actual labs, professors explain how the lab works and provide some data for students to analyze and write reports with,” Watson added.

Although science labs cannot be conducted any more, professors have still found ways to maximize students’ education. It is a challenge for both instructors and students. We all need to work together to get through this hard time.

Professors have developed different ways to operate their classes. Some professors host video meetings during regular class time to teach their class. Some professors distribute class materials, assign homework, and answer questions without required meetings. Students can scan or take pictures of their homework then upload them to Moodle or send them through emails for grading and feedbacks. 

There are also additional resources provided for McMurry students besides remote learning. Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) is still providing tutoring service. If you need help with writing, math, computer science, physics, business, or Spanish; please check the “Spring 2020 Tutors” group on Microsoft Teams to get tutors’ help. You can also follow McMurry Religious & Spiritual Life on social media to attend online chapel, send prayer requests, and play some fun bingo games with McMurry Campus Activity Board (CAB).