Why is Communication so Important?

Issue 14: April 5, 2023

One of the biggest factors in our lives is communicating with others. I have no idea when the last time was that I didn’t have to communicate with someone throughout the day. We communicate with people every single day, whether it be for a coffee on your morning break, an assignment in class, a task at work, or even discussing whose turn it is to take the trash out in your apartment. How frequently have you heard the phrase “communication is key”? We all communicate every day, whether it be through spoken words, written letters, or nonverbal cues. But why is it so crucial? Let’s clarify communication first, though. It’s the act of passing information from one individual to another, put simply. I feel like communicating with others is such a privilege that most of us overlook in the craziness of our lives but what would happen if you were no longer able to communicate? I have an idea that it would be extremely difficult. Communicating with others is such a big part of our lives and if that was taken away, every aspect of life as we know it would be affected, not to mention the extreme mental load that it would cause.

From personal relationships, to business and our workplace, communication is a make-or-break skill. Among many benefits, communicating well helps you form closer relationships, bring cohesion to teams, and take on leadership roles. We can’t read each other’s minds so communicating our wants and needs through verbal and nonverbal cues is how we function. It is also important to make sure effective communication is happening because things can be altered or misunderstood. Communication is only effective if the receiver understands the message as it is intended. Be clear about the goal and purpose of your message when speaking. Keep your statement brief to ensure that it is understandable. Stick to the point and make sure your intentions are obvious because people prefer short, concise messages. Don’t let them interpret your message based on assumptions. The person being addressed will only have a clear understanding of what is being expressed and be able to act and respond appropriately when your communication is clear.

Without clear communication, our lives would be a big mess so be sure to be clear when you are communicating things to other people. When someone is communicating something to you be sure to pay attention and give them your undivided attention so that you don’t miss something. We are not perfect so perhaps something does get miscommunicated or even misunderstood, just be sure to fix it as soon as possible and communication goes both ways so be sure to listen when being spoken to so you’re not the one that has misunderstood something because you weren’t listening. Be thankful for our ability to communicate with one another, don’t take it for granted, it is one of our greatest skills as human beings.