Cast of "Rumors!"

‘Rumors!’ Takes the Stage at McMurry

Issue 18: October 11, 2023

Curtains rise, lights shine bright, and laughter echoes all throughout the Ryan auditorium as McMurry Theatre presents Neil Simons’ ‘Rumors!’ McMurry’s very own students shine brightly in this farcical comedy, bringing entertainment and amusing humor to life onstage.

A cast of ten performs this comedy, following the hilarious ebbs and flows of miscommunication, secrecy, and rumor. The play is set in an upper-class townhouse where the Deputy Mayor of New York has just shot himself. Although it appears only to be a flesh wound, Charlie Brocks’ injury sets off a series of chaotic events. Ken Gorman, portrayed by Penny Ferris, and his wife Chris, portrayed by Z Doyle, are the first to see Charlie; and devise a plan to keep his ailment hidden from other party guests. However, as more and more people arrive, this secret becomes harder to conceal. The four couples then experience severe acts of farce as they try to get their stories straight.

I interviewed the director of this show, Lee Neighbours, asking questions about his experience and process directing this show. Neighbours is a senior at McMurry majoring in Theatre. He has directed a few small scenes since being at McMurry, but this is his first full length play. Neighbours reveals that his vision and expectation for the show is for, “the audience to have a good time. Rumors is a super fun farce and I hope everyone enjoys it” (Neighbours, 2023).

Although the play is very funny and entertaining, Neighbours admits that the process has had its challenges. He says that the set has been one of the biggest obstacles while working on this show. His team decided on a realistic style, which is very different from other shows the theatre has produced. The entirety of the department has dedicated a lot of time to making this set the best it can be, and Neighbours reveals he is “very happy with how it turned out” (Neighbours, 2023).

“I’m just so excited to perform. My actors and production team have been working so hard this past month… and I know my actors are ready for an audience,” says Neighbours. He states that this show is a wild ride and he wants to bring “the fun, big energy that [any] theatrical production needs.”

Come out and see the hard work of Neighbours and his cast and crew! This show is such a vibrant addition to McMurry theatres set for the year; you don’t want to miss it! Show dates are October 12th,13th, and 14th at 7:30 pm, and the 15th at 2:00 pm in the Ryan Little Theatre!