Professional Acting after College with Mathew Lamar ‘23

Issue 22: December 6, 2023

Starting a professional acting career after college is an exciting journey for graduates who love the theatrical arts. Armed with acquired skills and a solid foundation, they enter the real-world stage of auditions, rehearsal, and networking. This period becomes a pivotal chapter for actors, where dedication, resilience, and adaptability are crucial in shaping their evolving professional careers. Mathew Lamar ‘23, a newly graduated student from McMurry University, has already started his journey in professional theatre, and shares wonderful testimony to the excitement and challenges that come with professional acting.

Lamar shares that working professionally is drastically different from college theatre. Stating, “it was intimidating at first because I went from auditioning with a smaller group of the same people, who are all roughly the same age as me to auditioning against almost double or triple the amount of people from all different ages, races, sizes and experiences.” He expresses that this difference, while challenging, is also extremely rewarding. Being able to meet and work with a variety of actors Lamar says has, “filled my life with so much peace and happiness.”

Lamar also talks about what motivates and keeps him rooted in this career. “I don’t dream small, so I believe that one day I will win an Academy Award and an Emmy. I want to be a chameleon in this field and be able to be a strong performer in almost any role imaginable. I hope to one day be remembered as one of the best to ever do it.” His optimistic perspective was very refreshing to hear, and I’m sure would inspire many other aspiring actors.

Lamar leaves aspiring actors with an encouraging message, saying it is crucial, “to build a strong mental fortitude.” Actors can often get very caught up in the extremes of their performance, good or bad, but Lamar advises to keep a level head and ground their ambitions. “Once you build that confidence, it will be felt by the people who watch you and will only help you on your journey.”

Landing a role in Lubbock Lives Theatre Showcase this past summer, and attaining a spot with his dream agency, Lamar is actively building a skillful and impressive acting resume straight out of college. He provides a wonderful example for other students who dream of a career in theatre. It was a pleasure getting to interview this actor, and I am very excited to see all of the things he’s going to achieve!