Hello Again!

All of this tourism is starting to take its toll. Granted I’ve only been touring for four days, but I’m already exhausted. My feet are tired and my legs are so sore. I think I have shin splints from being a tourist and I didn’t even think that could happen. I’ve only been gone since Friday, but it already feels like I’ve been here for years. Part of the reason is because I’ve had such long days, but the other reason is that I feel really comfortable here.

Before I left, my mom told me a thousand things about safety and I told myself those exact same things, to the point where I was honestly terrified to come here because I thought that the second I touched U.K. soil I would get kidnapped. While still a part of me is afraid that I’ll get kidnapped, most of my fears have been put to rest. The city is not as difficult to navigate as I imagined. The food tastes pretty good (except some yogurt that I swear was mayonnaise). The people are really kind and helpful and welcoming of tourists. I can’t promise that every place I go will be like that, but for the time being, it’s nice to feel secure. Don’t worry mom, I still never set my purse down, have my passport strapped to my body, and am painfully aware of my surroundings.

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Signing off from London,

Hope Rouse