Results of Reflection


Humans, for the most part, are social creatures. We crave interaction at some point with someone or other. Of course, don’t take that to mean that we can be social with just anyone; some people just weren’t meant to be friends with others and that is perfectly acceptable. However, when you find that ideal group of humans that you enjoy spending your hours and days with, you can be reluctant to part with them. It’s weird to be alone when you can be spending time with people, right? Well, although there are factions of people who prefer to spend their time in solitude, taking time for yourself and doing things alone can be quite beneficial for everyone.

In our current time, it can be surprisingly difficult to be simply by yourself. Even if no one is presently in the room with you, you are often still connected to people through the Internet, in theory. The noise and constant influence of social media can cloud the mind and serve as an endless flow of distractions with no end. That is not to say that social media and the Internet cannot be good, quite the opposite, in fact. However, moderation is the key difference between healthy and detrimental, and the fun of the online world is specifically designed to keep people interested and obsessed far past what is recommended.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to unplug oneself from the everyday distractions of the world. It can be surprising what you can discover about yourself during that time. People get swept up in the day-to-day occurrences that require their attention that, oftentimes, they don’t have time to sit and ponder life and what they really want. Are they happy where they are? With the people they surround themselves with? Do they want to be?

These questions should be easily answered, but, in actuality, they’re questions that many people don’t have the answer to or they’re just not satisfied with the answer they come up with. But, if they never take the time to consider the answers to such aforementioned questions, then before too long it can be many years before they realize what they truly desire.

Ergo, even though it may be difficult to detach oneself from the incessant babble of the world, merely a little time away can do a great deal of good. There is also no need to delve right into the existential topics immediately. Although when you do, you may be unexpectedly pleased with what can come of your ponderings. You never know what you’ll end up wanting, but, of course, that’s half the fun of the adventure!