English Club: More than an Organization


Now I know what you’re all thinking, English Club? That place must be swimming with nerds and the snobby, tyrannical officers of the dreaded grammar police. Who would willingly want to spend their free time there? And, to be fair, I do believe a fair amount of us would eagerly call ourselves nerds, however, it is also filled with some of the silliest, most fun-loving people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

While most of the members in English Club do enjoy writing and reading, it is not for those reasons that members continue to come to every meeting. Students feel like they can simply enjoy themselves while they’re there and not worry about school for a moment.

Victoria Picón, a junior majoring in Theater and English & Writing, remarks that “I like how casual English Club is. It’s a nice and relaxed environment which gives me a break from the stresses of college life. I like how creative we can be with our writing assignments too.”

While providing a comfortable environment for students to vent about their troubles amongst good company and snacks, English Club does still hold true to its name by doing various writing prompts and reading and sharing favorite short stories or poems. The art of writing can be stressful, so English Club offers fun, easy-going prompts meant to stimulate the mind while also being less stressful because there is no expectation of a grade or judgement. The club’s sponsor, Dr. Bonds, also happens to be one of the most caring and humorous characters on McMurry’s campus. English Club is lucky to have him and his advice, and he contributes a great deal in making sure English Club is a pleasant time for everybody.

Part of what makes organizations such as English Club so enjoyable is the type of people it brings together. William Watson, an English & Writing major on the nontraditional track, says, “I enjoy English club because not only does it allow me a creative outlet but I get to be around people with some of the same interest that I have.” Many of the members would have never known each other to the extent they have if it weren’t for English Club, and I for one can happily say that meeting every Thursday at 5:00 PM has become one of the highlights of my week.

I hope that everyone, even if not for English Club, will consider joining an organization during their time at McMurry. You may end up meeting some of the best people you never would have thought you would know and all because of one university organization. Don’t miss out on potentially wonderful experiences by not giving them a chance!