Athletics Set to Make a Comeback


Santa Claus is not the only thing expected to make a return soon, McMurry Athletics has announced many of the schedules for War Hawk sports coming in the next semester. With the sudden spread of Covid-19 in the past spring season, athletes (with the exception of E-sports) have been unable to compete. Now that students are leaving campus for the break, they have one more thing to look forward to when they return.

When the announcement came in early August that there would be no athletic competition for the fall, many athletes were disheartened. “At first I was devastated that they had cancelled our season, my whole team was upset,” Says senior soccer captain Jelly Navarro, “We were working so hard over the summer to prepare for our season. But after that all settled in, we realized it was a blessing in disguise. We got a whole extra semester to get to know our new team, to prepare physically and mentally for what’s to come, and to become a closer family. We are upset that we only get seven guaranteed games in the spring, but we are also so thankful that we get to play any at all,” Jelly and the women’s soccer team are not the only ones who feel this way, senior cheer captain, Abby Trammel, had similar sentiments, “I took the news hard at first, we all did, it felt like we were losing our season, but we have been able to grow as a team and we will still get to cheer next semester.”

Along with a delayed season, McMurry and other conference members have limited the number of games. The Men’s Basketball season will begin November 27, 202 and will conclude with its guaranteed games February 27, 2021. In parallel, Women’s Basketball with begin November 28th and conclude the same day as the men’s. Volleyball will begin February 9 and will span until the start of the ASC tournament on April 9. Women’s Soccer return February 10 and concludes their regular season March 27. Men’s Soccer will have the same schedule. The tentative football schedule holds five games between February 6 and February 27.

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