McMurry University Social Clubs


Are you looking for opportunities to put yourself out there and try something new? Look no further, as the semester is coming to an end there are organizations on campus that are beginning their rush and are searching for new recruitments to join their club for next semester.

The organizations of McMurry that are so eager for you to experience new things with them are the many different social clubs that are offering you the opportunity to consider joining their group through the recruitment process. This process is over a four-month period that started in November 2020 and will end in March 2021.

If you are thinking about joining one of these social clubs on campus, you should! Each club has a deep history and tradition at McMurry, so it is recommended for you to dig deep and learn about each of them before making the decision to join one of these close-knit groups. Upon joining a club and becoming a member it allows for many opportunities to develop including the opportunity to form and grow deep friendships that will last a lifetime through shared experiences and rich memories from getting involved.

What must be done in order to have the ability to pledge and become a member?  The requirements that are to be met are that you are a full-time college student a McMurry, you have completed one semester as a full-time student, and you can maintain a GPA of 2.0 overall for the work that has been completed at McMurry.

The process to joining the women’s and men’s club are different from one another. If you are interested in becoming a member of the women’s club you must attend a recruitment tea where you are able to learn more about the process, one occurred on November 12th but if you missed that one do not worry there is still time. Another recruitment tea will be occurring over zoom on November 18th and another opportunity will be at the mini recruitment tea on January 23rd. The teas are just the beginning, followed by coke parties, individual recruitment days, and finally bid day.

The process for the men’s social club is quite similar, you must attend a recruitment party. There are both in person and over zoom opportunities to attend. One took place in person November 11th and another will occur January 13th over zoom. Following the parties there will be individual club parties where you will get to know each club a little more closely. Finally bid day will occur and students can accept their bid from a club offering membership.

Joining a social club gets you more involved and allows for you to have fun and get the best experience in college life. If you are just a little bit curious you should try it out, I know I will be attending. You should too.

“Social clubs are worth the time and effort; I love that I decided to join one. I think that being a member has allowed me to find myself and have a better experience here at McMurry. I will keep which club I am in a secret so you can have an open mind and come explore at one of our parties and see that we have a blast” said anonymous McMurry sophomore.

The start of the rush is just beginning, as always if you have any questions there is someone to help.