War Hawk Swimmers’ Hard Work Pays Off in the Spring


The McMurry War Hawk swim team was excited and ready to train and begin competition like most athletic programs that got postponed in the fall semester due to the uncontrollable pandemic. When the swimmers got the news, they were upset but hopeful that there could still be a season in the coming months.

With the help of the dedicated coaches, the team stayed motivated and began their difficult training and continued to show up for their team day after day. There were definitely some hardships along the way, several of the swimmers had been affected by COVID and had to quarantine for 14 days and miss out on training and at one point their coaches believed it would be best to take time off to get healthy and stay safe.

The swim team did not let their obstacles hold them back, after their time away they were more than ready to dive in and put in the work. Coming back after being out was difficult but they knew what they were capable of accomplishing. They continued to train throughout the fall semester and even returned early from Christmas break to begin their 2-a-day training for their season that was finally going to happen. 

They were uncertain on whether the long-awaited meet would be canceled at the last minute or not. They worked extremely hard for two weeks anyways to help to improve their abilities in the pool. 

After four long months of wondering and worry the War Hawk’s men and women’s swim teams packed up their stuff and headed to the first swim meet of the season. The first meet was held in Colorado Springs. The first day of competition was against Austin College and the swimmers were very excited and extremely nervous to be competing for the first time of the year and with the added challenge of swimming at altitude. The men’s team claimed first place in all 26 events and won first place against Austin College. 

Onto day two of competing in Colorado, the War Hawks competed against the University of the Ozarks in an evening meet that resulted in another win for the men’s team. The women’s team did well but despite their best efforts were defeated.  

“Our team really bonded; I am glad I got to experience this with them. I feel as though it has been hard to connect with them but finally being able to compete and spend time to cheer for one another at our meets has brought the team together. Without one another, we are nothing.” said, anonymous freshman swimmer. 

The swimmers also competed in Sherman, Tx against Austin College and Centenary College and the men’s team brought home two more wins to remain undefeated this season. The women’s team improved many of their times but still came up short.  

“I was just happy that I got to swim in the first place, sure winning would be great but… swimming in general is a blessing” said several freshman women. 

The next meet the McMurry Swimmers will compete in will be the 2021 SCAC Championships beginning February 11 in San Antonio, Texas.