The Best of Break


The first half of the school year is over and with it comes the much anticipated reprieve of winter break! No homework, no assignments, and the only deadlines left to worry about are days when we all get to exchange gifts and pleasantries. McMurry University with its varied assortment of both young and old has a multitude of different ways in which its lovely people celebrated their time off.

With the pandemic still surging with various levels of severity across the nation, this past winter is not quite the same as those in recent years. Precautions must be made and followed, and at risk civilians must take extra care to be careful. Travel is lessened, and parties are few, but the holidays are still ushering in the fun!

Although many students left for home during Thanksgiving, there are still quite a few who stayed behind. Humble celebrations they may have been, but being able to spend time with your closest friends can easily be the best gift of all.

Many McMurry students went home to be with family, and although many cite the days as being “hectic” and “loud,” they also were grateful to be able to see their parents and siblings once again, even if they are quite rambunctious.

For some, the break was especially romantic with one McMurry couple tying the knot during a wondrous winter wedding celebration. The two students, Savannah Riddell and Zane Wilchar, also starred in the McMurry Theatre production, Godspell, earlier in the fall semester.

While the holidays this year may not have been the most exciting or ideal, there was certainly no lack of joy or festivities to be found. Even if just with your close family or loved ones, there is always a reason to be glad during the season. It is only a great welcome to the New Year and an even better semester!