Show up and Support McMurry’s Spring Sports!

Issue 12: March 1, 2023

Spring semester is in full swing and one of the most exciting things about the spring semester is that there are many different in-season sports that are taking place. The majority of the spring sports take place outside, which is a boost for many who love the warmer weather. Participating in spring sports is good for not only your physical health but also your mental health.

A McMurry War Hawk athlete said “Participating in a spring sport has really helped me focus, I am a lot less stressed because my sport is an out for me, I am able to get away from all the stress of my life and just play the game. My mental health is important, and I have learned to manage all my struggles because of my sport. I have been playing for so long that it has become my safe space, the place I go to escape. I can’t wait for practice when I have had a long day. I am extremely grateful to have made it this far, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family, friends, teammates, and all my supporters from the time I started playing when I was just a kid. The support means so much to not only me but several other athletes that work so hard to show off what they have put in. The long hours, blood, sweat, and tears are all so worth it when we have a village of supporters there for us no matter if we win or lose.”  

These athletes have been working hard and training through their off-season so that they are able to show up and perform to the best of their abilities. Many people get pumped up to watch these sports events, especially here at McMurry University. The participating athletes are the most excited about their events, but the students, parents, professors, and alumni are just as excited as the participating athletes. There is a positive energy around the people that bring the school spirit, without the ones that show the athletes support, there would be an emptiness. We are always encouraged to flood the stands and have McMurry Pride because of how important it really is.

Several students have expressed that getting involved and showing up to things allows you the opportunities to meet new friends and support fellow classmates while creating the memories of a lifetime. I personally enjoy going to these sports events to support athletes because I am an athlete myself, and I always enjoyed when my fellow students would show up to support my teammates and I. There are several different sports that are going to be competing in the next few months, so you should grab a friend and go watch a few games, meets, or matches. I am almost certain that these athletes will love to see you there. Let’s flood the stands and show everyone that we are proud to be War Hawks!