Finding Your Passion

Issue 13: March 22, 2023

What is your passion? What activity or hobby sparks a fire in your mind and in your heart? Not one person is the same, and those differences shine through the interests and pastimes we have. However, it can also be challenging to have numerous attractions. There is a common struggle among college students who find themselves in this position. These influences become overwhelming when deciding a path after school, so, in light of that I’m here to talk about finding comfort in the possibilities that come with having a wide variety of interests during school.

As a student with many interests, I too fall victim to the overwhelming nature of real-world occupations. I am majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Theatre and Communications, which makes narrowing down career choices extremely difficult. At the beginning of the second semester, I became extremely anxious about what all these activities meant for my future, but as the semester has continued, I’ve developed ways of thinking to ease those intrusive narratives.

One of which was to admire not fear the potential behind said activities. Instead of panicking over how much I have going on, I tried to find comfort in the abundance. Although there is a slim chance of finding all my interests in one occupation, having so many can potentially ensure comfortability in various different jobs. For example, the art industry has many subcategories, but because of my varied interest in the field, I could very easily find myself in any position.

Most importantly, I simply had to come to terms with the fact that I don’t have to know right now. I’m a college freshman nearing the end of their first academic year. I have plenty of time to learn and establish the areas I truly wish to pursue. This time in school is dedicated to discovery and building higher knowledge of subjects you are passionate about. Why not sit back and enjoy the process? This is not an answer or solution to the problem; however, I hope my experiences can act as a guide if you find yourself in a similar position. Take your time and enjoy the journey to excellence that McMurry is sure to provide for you!