What Is Going on This Spring?

Issue 13: March 22, 2023

Social Club Addition!

The Spring is a very busy time for the men and women that are members of a McMurry University Social Club. You may have heard about these clubs and witnessed these members around campus, but have you ever caught yourself wondering about what they are all about? This is the perfect time to find out what events they are doing and potentially spark an interest in joining one after seeing all the fun that they are having.

These clubs started out the semester very busy and will continue to be busy until the end of the semester, if you ask them though they wouldn’t have it any other way. These clubs started the semester with recruitment and pledging for new members that found their place in the clubs. Now that pledging is over, and they officially have these new members they are all ready for the preparation of the new events that are going to be happening very soon. The week after Spring Break started out with some social club fun, Greek Week began March 21st and will continue until the 23rd. Greek Week has started off great and there are many events that the clubs are attending which happens to be a competition between all of the clubs. On Tuesday they all joined together for chapel and then played volleyball and had relay races at the quad. Later that evening they went to support the McMurry Baseball team by attending the game and cheering for their favorite players. On Wednesday there will be a couple of other events that will take place. Their first event will be in front of the band hall where the philanthropy event will be held and there will also be ultimate frisbee. Wednesday March 22, their evening event will be a kickball tournament at Wilford Stadium at 7:30, I highly suggest going to check that out and cheer on all the different clubs, it is going to be fun.

Lastly for Greek Week on Thursday they will be having affiliate fairs that will be in Ryan, the men’s event will take place in the morning from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and the women’s will be in the afternoon from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Be sure to go check those events out if you are interested. I have spoken with several members of different clubs, and they are excited about these last few months of activities. The big one that lots of members are getting ready for is an event that is put on by the T.I.P Sailors, they put on an event that is called Sing Song and all the clubs choregraph two different dances and perform them for the crowd. This event is a friendly competition that is fun to be involved in and to even just be a part of the audience. You should attend because these clubs will be working hard these next few weeks to prepare and get ready for an exciting show. This event will take place in April so be sure not to miss it.