Celebrate your Unique Passions

Issue 19: October 25, 2023

In this age of immense creativity, the diversity of human passions illuminates our world. Whether it’s through music, theater, or science, there exists a spark of inspiration and devotion within each of us. Yet, in the midst of this rich diversity, we also exhibit a culture of conformity that bleeds into how active society is to accept unique interests. This article will explore a narrative that encourages unique interests in the face of conformity, providing recollections of my own experiences that I hope may influence others in their journey of self-expression.

I myself, have a lot of unique interests. Ranging from poetry to… collecting dolls, I find myself intrigued by many things. Because of this, I am very conscious of how they may appear to others. Although I don’t owe anyone an explanation of my interests, it can be embarrassing to reveal these activities to my peers.

I wanted to write this article in hopes of reaching others who may find themselves in a similar state of embarrassment or sometimes even shame, for enjoying things that may seem unusual to others. You are not alone! Your passions are not something to hide, rather something to celebrate!

I will now take this as an opportunity to reveal to you readers a special interest of mine: Monster High. I am fascinated by the animation, the lore, the fashion, the dolls, all of it. Yes, a nineteen-year-old who collects dolls I’m sure sounds strange, but it brings me so much joy to talk about and explain to others. I don’t usually use this to lead a conversation with someone new, but it is a big part of my identity and is something everyone will learn about me eventually. Or, I suppose, will learn about me right now since I am revealing it to an entire online audience.

This investment in a children’s cartoon is not something everyone can relate to, but the essence of finding happiness in something nonconventional I’m sure reaches many of you reading. Don’t let the tight boundaries of traditional and acceptable interests dictate what you give your time to. Don’t let it stunt you from pursuing activities or hobbies that bring you peace and belonging! Our world is constantly changing, we must change with it! Stay unique and have a wonderful day!