Thrifting: More than a Hobby

Issue 20: November 8, 2023

Thrifting, the art of discovering hidden jewels in second-hand stores, has encountered a revival in   recent years. Thrifting not only saves you money, but it celebrates sustainability, originality, and self-expression! In this article we will explore the exciting world of thrifting and why it has become so popular for many, including myself!

Thrift stores—also known as second-hand shops, antique stores, vintage boutiques, flea markets, etc.—have become increasingly popular in the age of fast fashion. This “revival” is somewhat influenced by the growing awareness of consumer culture and the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry. Fast fashion has demonstrated its notable role in contributing to pollution, generating waste, and perpetuating child labor, while thrifting is a more environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing new clothing.

 If you buy thrifted clothing, you are also lowering your carbon footprint! Purchasing second-hand items extends the life-span of clothing and reduces demand for new production. This means that fewer resources are consumed and less items end up wasted in landfills. Choosing to thrift is one small way you can take initiative and help your environment!

Another great aspect of thrifting, and my personal favorite, is the opportunity for self-expression. Thrifted items allow you to experiment and explore new avenues of style not advertised in mainstream fashion media. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces can be found on the racks of your local Goodwill and can add a distinctive flare to your closet. Not to mention, they are heavily discounted compared to large fashion companies. Given that many of us are college students, affordable items can at times be scarce. Thrifting offers an excellent way to create a sustainable and quirky wardrobe without straining your budget!

Thrifting isn’t just a hobby, but a genuine lifestyle choice that promotes sustainability, self-expression, and community. The joy of discovery, saving money, and taking firsthand action to save your environment makes thrifting a worthy activity to pursue. So why not join the thrifting craze? Go to your local Goodwill and hunt for your own hidden treasures! You might just find the perfect item to enhance your closet and support your environment.