Finding Peace in Dance at Dance Discovery

Issue 21: November 29, 2023

In its miraculous rhythmic, emotional, and physical expression, the art of dance emerges as a universal language. A speechless craft that exceeds the limitations of verbal communication, it acts as an object for self-expression and freedom; inspiring whole audiences through just one song.

There are many dance studios around Abilene that provide outlets for this beautiful skill, and I have the pleasure of dancing with Dance Discovery Studios. It is a mother-daughter operated studio that has been owned and directed by Teri Wilkerson since 1985. The studio offers a multitude of classes, ranging from ballet to hip hop, and is offered to ages as young as three. I have been dancing with this studio for the past two and a half years, and have found such shelter and peace under its roof. I assist for three hours a week, and attend classes another six. This studio is a place that challenges and encourages its students to grow, and I am honored to dance there.

I interviewed another student at the studio, Summer Roberts, who has been dancing with them for thirteen years. She is now eighteen years old and continues to be involved. Roberts says that dance, “has always been my safe place to express all of my emotions. It has always been the one thing that I could turn to when I couldn’t go anywhere else.” She talks about finding peace in dance, and about the encouragement from other students and teachers at the studio. Her dedication to dance is truly remarkable, and is always encouraged at the studio.

Roberts is also a teacher at the studio. From assisting to leading instruction, Roberts describes her experience working at Dance Discovery as being, “one of the biggest blessings.” She says that the most rewarding aspect is seeing all of her students smile and thrive in their elements. That witnessing them grow, “is such a beautiful thing.” Roberts describes the relationships built at Dance Discovery to be, “a beautiful bond that’s hard to get anywhere else.”

Roberts gave a very heartfelt and beautiful acknowledgment of the studio, stating, “We are a family and we support each other through everything. Being able to laugh and cry together, to share our wins and losses, the love here is unmatched.” Her testimony exudes authentic love and admiration for the studio. Her story, among others, represents a large demographic where everyone is welcome and everyone is loved.

If you want to express yourself in dance, Dance Discovery is the place to go! Leaving you with a final message from Roberts, “Dance Discovery will always be my home!”