Prints, Pottery, Paintings and more at the Student Art Sale

Issue 21: November 29, 2023

Trees are being decorated, carols are getting ready to be sung, and students are anxiously waiting for the semester to close. Although we are all dreading finals week, there are still things happening of campus worthy of excitement. Like the student holiday art sale! This annual celebration of creativity opened this afternoon and is open until Friday. The art sale is an amazing opportunity for students to showcase their work and actively practice promotion and vending. As an art major, this is an important occasion for me to produce and market my work. It is an event known and promoted to the community at McMurry and beyond, and is a fun way to showcase my passions.

The sale has prints, pottery, paintings and more, providing accessible, affordable, and unique gifts for the community. I interviewed a set of students who bought items from the art sale, and their experience with the art and the environment.

Aby Brown and Abby Ewing, juniors here at McMurry bought two pieces from the art sale. They both express appreciation for art in their responses, acting as a primary motivator for buying artwork today. “Its fun to see the original works of local artists,” says Brown. She expresses that getting to see the talent in our very own art department was amazing.

Ewing mentions that her favorite part was, “looking at all the different types of art and seeing what our students can create.” She expresses admiration towards all the artists involved with the scale, and mentions she has friends selling!

Brown talks about the spark in innovation she felt when attending the art sale, stating, “It has inspired my own creative spirit and I love going every year.” This is not just a sale but an opportunity for conversation and ingenuity. Artists can talk and interact with buyers, and build meaningful relationships and connections at the hands of their pieces.

Brown and Ewing both confidently expressed that they would be coming back to the art sale next year, and encourage others to attend before the week is over. The art sale will be open till Friday evening in the gallery in Ryan Fine Arts building. Things are selling fast, you don’t want to miss it!