Why We Love McMurry

Issue 24: February 14, 2024

Today is the day to demonstrate love and admiration. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I asked a few McMurry students to share what they love about our wonderful campus. What is it that you love about McMurry?

McMurry senior Elli Jordan shared that “The family atmosphere and the openness that professors have towards the students. McMurry has brought me so much love and joy through the friendships and sisterhood I have made while being involved in sports as well as in my sorority.”

Kailey Dutcher, who came to McMurry just last year, said “McMurry has always been a soft spot in my heart from the professors to the professional staff. My time at McMurry has been one big roller coaster ride. I love all the ups and downs I have gone through. I love the bonds I have made within MSG, Gamma Sigma, Swimming, and TRIO. Most importantly I love the bonds I have created with my professors, staff, and other workers on campus to make me feel right at home. McMurry is a close family that I am proud to be a part of.”

“If I had to say what makes me love McMurry, I would say the connections and family I have established,” Isaiah Ramos said. “My support system has never been stronger since I became a War Hawk. I have grown as a person and faced many adversities, but my support system has always guided me through. My fraternity KIVA and sister club DBE have been my rock since I pledged freshman year. I was able to get really involved at McMurry through joining my fraternity. Kiva has also always pushed all their members towards greatness and togetherness, which has been very beneficial for me. Through Kiva and DBE, I have built my support system and experienced everything McMurry has to offer. If that doesn’t spell LOVE, I don’t know what does. The more love you put into McMurry, the more this school loves you back!”

“There’s not just one thing that I love about McMurry,” Alfonso Santoya said. “Where do I even start? I love that as a freshman, all the faculty and staff were excited to have us because I was terrified. I love my education professors who deeply care about my success as a future educator, and I love the opportunities they have given me through the Center for Innovation program. I love the roommates that I have got to experience this chapter of my life with. I love all the connections and relationships that I made through being on the swim team; the team even opened new doors for me to be able to find KIVA. I am a senior President of the best fraternity now, the bonds I have with my brothers and DBE sisters have changed my life. I am truly grateful I came to this University; McMurry is so special to me. I love every memory that I have made here!”

We hope you all love and admire McMurry as much as we do! Happy Valentine’s Day.