The Galleon Offers Publishing Opportunity for Creative Students

Issue 24: February 14, 2024

Step into a realm of boundless creativity and expression with an amazing writing and publication opportunity on campus! The Galleon, McMurry’s student literary journal, allows students to explore, express, and craft narratives that captivate and inspire. This journal serves as a platform for McMurry students to unleash their voices and share their stories with the community.

The Galleon is a student run journal published to showcase and encourage literary and artistic talent on campus. Rose Ash, a senior English major at McMurry, shares her testimony as a student writing for and working on the Galleon; expressing why students should be interested and what they can gain from submitting.

The journal has published nearly one-hundred issues, serving as a vibrant testament to the unending well of creativity present in students each passing year. Organized into four distinct sections—poetry, theater, art, and prose—the journal offers a spectrum of creative avenues for students to explore and submit their work. The journal is student juried and edited, ensuring a fair system where all submissions are thoughtfully read and considered. Ash states that the Galleon, “exists to support and showcase the creative works of students, and provides a wonderful opportunity for them to see their work published.”

Ash is head editor of the journal, and oversees the entire process. She works with student leaders in each category to ensure each edition is an accurate reflection of the class’s collective creativity and vision. “I hope students who write for the Galleon feel a sense of accomplishment from getting their work out there, and for those who are reading it, I hope they enjoy the works and feel a sense of pride in their community,” Ash said. It truly is a wonderful opportunity for students to utilize while they attend McMurry.

Keep an eye out for updates and events from the Galleon in the upcoming weeks as they accept submissions and unveil their latest edition. Submissions can be emailed to and are due March 3, 2024! They are eager to hear, publish, and showcase your unique talents!