Spring Thing starts Strong with Sunrise Kickoff

Issue 28: April 17, 2024

Happy Spring Thing Week! This week, we celebrate “Spring Thing,” a week full of community, activity, and collaboration! Organized by McMurry Student Government (MSG), Spring Thing aims to provide a fun and interactive break from the stresses of the spring semester. I had the pleasure of attending the very first event of the week, and I have interviewed a member of MSG about the process, product, and experience of the event!

The week began with the annual Sunrise Kickoff. Students were urged to gather their friends at Wah Wahtaysee Park to witness the beautiful sunrise over Abilene, while also enjoying complimentary donuts and sweatshirts. Hannah Hutchison, sophomore at McMurry and current Traditions Chair for MSG, gave me a firsthand look at what went into planning this event.

“Doing a sunrise breakfast for our first event of Spring Thing has been a tradition for years,” Hutchison said. “We love the idea of being able to start the week of events off with a sunrise. It is special beginning the week surrounded by friends.” MSG organizes these events to include all students, and seeing that ambition come to life is amazing!

Although the event received a successful turnout – there were about 80 attendees according to Hutchison – MSG faced some challenges while planning. Hutchison said, “The most challenging part of the event was getting people to come! Since it is early in the morning that is always challenging to plan for.” However, the innovative members of MSG provided a college student approved incentive: free stuff! The free breakfast and sweatshirts definitely made the early rise worth it.

Hutchison said, “being able to commune with your friends and watch God’s creation in the morning is a special thing to experience.” She is very proud of this event and is excited for the other activities coming later this week! A full schedule is posted on the MSG Instagram, including events like the HIM showcase and hot dog eating contest! There is plenty to look forward to this week, so make sure to keep updated. We hope to see you there!