La-Hi-C Makes a Splash

Issue 28: April 17, 2024

Just a few short weeks ago, La-Hi-C was recognized as one of McMurry’s newest student organizations. Standing for Latin American-Hispanic Club, with the goal to illuminate the McMurry students who identify with Latin American or Hispanic, this is a welcome addition to McMurry as an inclusive institution.

They kicked off with an incredible aquas frescas fundraiser, generating a touch over $200 for further club use, and you may have seen them out on the quad at McMaddness. Club President Bethany Guzman had this to say about their next endeavor, “We had planned to collaborate with the Better Together Alliance organization to put on a multicultural gala; however, there were complications with the event space that was arranged, and it has now been pushed back to the fall semester, giving us more time to plan out the event and garner interest in attending.”

So, in order to provide some levity during harsh academic times La-Hi-C is hosting a “Finals Fiesta” on May 1, “where students and faculty can come out to smash pinatas and take bags filled with Mexican candies.” Guzman elaborates. La-Hi-C is also in talks with Makona Fraternity for a possible mixer at El Felix café. With hopeful plans for the future, President Guzman expressed, “It’s very exciting to have so much momentum after only just a few weeks of becoming a club.”