Forever a War Hawk

Issue 29: May 1, 2024

What an amazing four years it has been, thank you McMurry for every opportunity you have given me. I have gained so much while being a student here that I will forever be grateful for. I graduate in ten days alongside many of my friends that have changed my life while experiencing our first four years of adulthood together. I knew I belonged here as soon as I stepped foot on campus for my tour, which somehow seems like just yesterday and a million moons ago, at the same time.

All the procrastination and juggling of many different activities is coming to an end; I enjoyed every minute of it.  I even enjoyed the not-so-great things because I know that everything I experienced was, for a reason, a lesson to be learned or a memory to never be forgotten.

Writing for the War Hawk Herald was one of the first things I wanted to do when I got to campus, I am so glad I was given the opportunity. I hope you all have enjoyed my articles; I have loved going to events and interviewing students on their experiences to capture what it is like to be a War Hawk.

I am thankful for the hard work and determination I was able to put into my team, the reason I came to McMurry was so I could continue being a competitive swimmer for just a while longer. Thank you to my teammates that kept me accountable when things got hard and giving up felt like the only option. Swimming wasn’t just a sport but my entire life for so long, and I learned so many life skills by being “just a swimmer.”

I learned how to be a leader and work with difficult people, I enjoyed being a peer leader and meeting all the freshman and being a part of their welcome week experience. I wanted to be there for them and help them through the scary times and to just have fun.

Putting myself out there and getting involved was the greatest gift I could have given myself; I am so proud of the shy 18-year-old girl that came to college in the middle of a pandemic and decided nothing was going to stop her from being who she was meant to be.

Thank you to everyone that has ever taken a chance on me, I will forever be a McMurry War Hawk!