A New Start for McMurry Spirit


Friday January 22, McMurry athletics was able to announce a new coach for the McMurry spirit squad. Residence Director, Courtney Godding, was selected to take over the team from former Coach, Randi O’Dell, after her transfer to ACU. The announcement could not have come any sooner with McMurry football starting on February 6.

             “I am looking forward to working alongside and mentoring an amazing group of girls. They all have big goals, and I am looking forward to learning how to help them achieve their goals, both as a team and as individuals,” said Godding. Courtney Godding. The cheer team is very excited to have an alum and active member of campus to lead the team. “As a proud alum, I am passionate about school spirit at McMurry. As the new cheer and dance coach, my number one goal is to promote school spirit. We will be working toward being a highly visible presence on campus.” As Godding said, she and the school plan on reviving the dance team, which died out four years ago because of lack of interest. “I am so excited about bringing back the dance team. I believe that we have some untapped potential in our student population, and I will be working hard to recruit for the 2021-2022 McMurry Talons Dance Team. More to come!”

Courtney also talked about focusing on the member who are already on the team and making sure their need are meet, “The team has indicated that they hope to work on improving their stunt and tumbling skills, so I plan on prioritizing these items as we spend time together in practice each week. My plan is to make sure we have a solid framework so that we can work on incorporating more challenging tricks into our routines and cheers in the future. A solid foundation is key to improving.”

We wish Courtney and the spirit squad well as they start this journey, and we look forward to cheering on our cheerleaders for years to come. You can see the spirit squad at home games for basketball and football and any question about interest in the cheer team can be directed to Courtney Godding.