Smash your Stress and Break A Plate

Issue 29: May 1, 2024

Are you tired? Sad? Stressed? Angry? Is the end of the semester kicking you down and all you want to do is… break some glass? Well, you’re in luck! Gamma Sigma is hosting a smashing event they call: Break A Plate! Come join this amazing group of girls and their sweethearts to smash your worries away! The event is taking place Wednesday May 1st and Thursday May 2nd from 11:30-1:00 on the quad. One plate is $2, two plates are $4, and three plates are $5, you don’t want to miss out!

In Greek tradition, the custom of breaking plates, known as “plate smashing,” is often seen during celebratory events like weddings, festivals, and other joyful gatherings. There are a few different theories about its origins. One suggests that the practice began as a way to ward off bad spirits or to express extreme emotions, such as joy or relief. And that is exactly what Gamma Sigma has planned for all who join! Inspired by this Greek tradition, the fundraiser aims to celebrate the end of the semester, and provide those on campus with a way combat negative thoughts and feelings with joy and togetherness.

Students, staff, and faculty are all invited by the members of Gamma Sigma to let of some steam! They are encouraged to write any thoughts clouding their minds onto glass plates, and then smash the bad energy away. This event has sparked excitement across the university, and the group is expecting lots of people to show up!

As a member of Gamma Sigma, this event is extremely special to me. Getting to collaborate with my sisters to plan an interactive event has been so fun and I’m looking forward to seeing the turn out! We have been able to learn and appreciate the Greek roots of our sorority and come together as a sisterhood in order to present an event that allows people to release, relax, let loose!