Religious Life taking a break from their mission trip in El Paso.

Spiritual Life at McMurry


McMurry University is excited to welcome our centennial class — class of 2023 — who will be graduating during McMurry’s 100th anniversary! These new War Hawks are on their way to start an academic and spiritual journey with McMurry.

“The theme for this year is ‘Start strong, stay strong’,” announced by McMurry Chaplain Marty CashBurless. To commence a strong year, Reverend CashBurless advised people to stay strong in faith. Reverend CashBurless works closely with students and always encourages students to reach out to her with prayer requests. She also leads students to different mission trips. There are mission trips opportunities open to all on campus. During the busy semester, students may have trouble finding time to do service. Mission trips usually happen during the week after finals or spring break, which gives students chances to help and learn about others during this free time. “It is a great time to help others as well as grow in our own faith during the service,” added CashBurless.

There is a winter mission trip planned this semester for students to get involved. This trip will take place during the week of December 15th to 21st at Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas. It is open to all. If you are interested, start your registration with religious and spiritual life office.

As we are welcoming new students, we are also excited to have the new faculty and staff join our McMurry family. Julia Puac-Romero, who is our new assistant chaplain, expressed her excitement of joining, “I was actually kind of overwhelmed by the students here. They are so welcoming.” Before Romero came to McMurry, she served as a church pastor, as well as, a hospital chaplain. Such experiences have prepared Romero well to serve as a college assistant chaplain. “The Muslim prayer room on campus was a plus when I decided to work at McMurry,” Romero said. In her view, God is the creator, while people can experience God in different ways. She was impressed by how diverse the McMurry student body is. Romero is excited to start this great year by making efforts to know individuals on campus and providing advice for our spiritual life student leadership team.

With two enthusiastic chaplains, McMurry’s religious and spiritual life office is ready to provide a better spiritual service for our McMurry family.

There are always students hanging out in the spiritual life office. Sophomore Hannah Pellikan is one of them. Pellikan was highly involved in spiritual life during her first year. She went to weekly chapel, as well as on two mission trips. “I think this office is a cool place to talk to friends and do my homework,” mentioned Pellikan. The door of spiritual life office is always open during daily hours for students.

Why not just walk in? Maybe you will find some good friends. Pellikan always enjoys attending the weekly chapel with her friends. She thinks she can get closer to God by attending worship services and cherishing the valuable messages from God.

McMurry religious and spiritual life office is highly dedicated to helping students and faculty grow their faith through chapel, life lunch, fall retreats, mission trips, and many other fun activities. Therefore, with such resources readily available, stay strong both physically and spiritually through this great academic year.