McMurry Artists Bring their Best for Homecoming 2019


McMurry’s artistic spirit has always been something to be deeply proud of. Our campus has shown no shortage of innovative, talented artists year after year, and it is yet another testament to McMurry’s fitting centennial theme: “McMurry Creates.”

This Homecoming, alumni will be traveling from near and far to visit their alma mater, looking back on old memories, and bearing witness to how McMurry has grown and changed. What better time to shine a light on McMurry’s imaginative, prospering minds than in a showcase that lives as proof that McMurry continues to foster skill and inspiration amongst its student body? This year, McMurry’s 2019 Homecoming celebration displays two exhibitions: an electric collection of student artwork, as well as, a stunning showcase of alumni creations.

The student homecoming art show is featured in the Gypsy Tedd II Gallery in McMurry’s Old Main building. It is an excellent example of the creativity and artistic skill inherent within McMurry’s community. Participating students’ artworks had to undergo the scrutiny of a jury before being allowed to hang in the gallery, and the result is a show that displays the very best of McMurry’s students.

The student work presented at Gypsy Ted II Gallery is yet more proof of the diversity McMurry provides in creativity. There is an impressive array of photography, paintings, drawings, and even graphic design pieces that shine as examples of the university’s collective artistic ability, and as McMurry’s students continue to develop and hone their skills, it will be a an exceptional pleasure to see what they can go on to create next.

McMurry University not only lifts up its current undergraduates, but it continues to be a strong supporter of its past students, as well. The Alumni Art Homecoming Exhibition is present in the Ryan Fine Arts Gallery, featuring three of McMurry’s alumni. Although the three former students graduated around the same year, their art styles couldn’t be more different. One could even say the only similarity would be the remarkable quality of the works in general, and they all come together under the title, “Chromotose.”

Jonathan Kimbrell (BFA 2004) has a bold, striking art style reminiscent of pop art in the ‘50s and ‘60s. His work features many notable figures in history as he has, “always been drawn to those cultural icons that have made a significant and indescribable impact on our society, whether the influence is political, artistic, or social.”  Meanwhile, Patrick Messersmith’s (BFA 2005) paintings are mesmerizing with their flowing colorful lines combined with staunch geometric patterns. Messersmith reveals that he was inspired by the environment, more specifically the desert, and that his works were meant to highlight the beauty of nature. Last but not least, Brady Nichols Sloane’s (BFA 2004) works have a mysterious, feminine quality about them that are sure to start conversations of intrigue. She has described this particular collection of paintings as a, “culmination of a variety of interests, challenges, and discoveries.” The combination of all three artists’ works is an outstanding sight to see, and although their artistic styles are very different from one another, the works also complement each other well. All who visit will be happy to see that the artists who leave McMurry’s nest will always continue to amaze and excite.

Both the student and alumni art showcases will be hanging in their respective galleries through October 1-26. McMurry will be holding an art reception for both shows during Homecoming on Friday, October 25 from 5:00-7:00 PM. Additionally, the Alumni Homecoming Art Exhibition will be hosting an artist talk with the featured artists complete with refreshments in the Ryan Fine Arts Center Lobby from 5:30 PM- 6:00 PM.

Be sure to come and support McMurry’s flourishing art community! After all, it is art that enriches the world around us, and it is the wonderful, inventive artists that make these works, that breathe life into their creations from nothing but their thoughts and whatever materials they can muster. It is these people that make life worth living, and McMurry certainly has no lack of them!