McMurry’s Art Department Can’t be Beat


Times these days are undeniably tough for us all, and every day it seems we are bombarded with increasingly bad news until the mountain of the compiled despair seems almost insurmountable. It can be hard to find any reason or desire to create during such situations, but, amazingly, McMurry’s students have done just that and will continue to do so throughout the year. 

Even in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and subsequent quarantine, the McMurry community continued to create art, and there is no better proof than in the art show currently hanging in Gypsy Ted II Gallery in Old Main. Appropriately titled Art Made During or in Response to COVID-19, all of the works featured were made during the nation’s quarantine period and are excellent symbols of hope shining through the darkness. Pieces small and large fill the walls of the gallery, and it would be shame to not visit it at least once.

Besides the most recent quarantine show, McMurry’s art department plans to have many more shows displayed for the semester including an exciting amount of senior student shows. In October there will be two homecoming exhibits in both the Ryan Gallery and Gypsy Ted II. The Ryan Gallery will feature this year’s homecoming alumni artist, Beckie Schneller, and the student homecoming art show, “What We Do,” will be in Gypsy Ted II. 

The following art shows that will wrap up the fall semester are all exhibitions from McMurry’s senior art students. First up are Samantha Banks and Hannah Hernandez showing from November 9th through the 13th. Banks’ show is titled “She Believed She Could, So She Did” and will be in Gypsy Tedd II. Hernandez’s is titled “Metaphysics” and will be in the Ryan Gallery. Lastly, Christina Williams show “Nature’s Palette” will be on display from November 16th to the 20thand will also be in the Ryan Gallery. Each of these shows will no doubt feature amazing work that will act as a culmination of everything they have learned while at McMurry. It is a great privilege to be able to witness the artistic journey of any artist, and I am sure the entire department is excited to see how they have grown. 

Yes, the world can be unforgiving and harsh, and that observation may be especially true right now, but art will not stop due to some temporary darkness. Art and artists can turn the horrific and terrifying world around us into one of hope, connection, and community. McMurry University benefits immensely from its population of dedicated creators and is more than happy to help them shine their light on the world.