Getting Involved Around Campus

Issue 3: March 23, 2022

Going into college you may not know what to expect. There’s not really a guide on how to do it, and going to college can be stressful. However, there are many ways to have fun during college and take the stress of class off your shoulders. McMurry has several different ways to get involved around campus including McMurry Student Government, Campus Activity Board, Black Student Union, McMurry Athletics, Social Clubs, Religious and Spiritual life, and many other activities that allow you to branch out and have a life outside of classwork.

Getting involved around campus is about finding your place. With a variety of options there is a place for you. If you would like to take charge and be a leader on campus, there may be several leadership opportunities in every activity. Let us talk about these many options.

In the McMurry Athletics program, there are several different sports including volleyball, basketball, football, softball, baseball, tennis, swimming, cross country, track and field, golf, and esports. Athletics allows students to put themselves out there while also working on their own goals and learning to work with a team.

If athletics isn’t your thing there are many men’s and women’s social clubs to choose from. Social clubs allow students to meet new people and grow closer through different activities and through the planning of events while bonding and growing close to one another. Being a part of a club is fun even when there’s nothing going on, and students look forward to their weekly meetings with their brothers or sisters.

The McMurry Student Government and the Campus Activity Board put on many different events for the students of McMurry. If joining a program or club on campus seems overwhelming because you are too busy in your everyday life, that is totally okay, and there are still ways for you to get involved without the commitment.

You can show your McMurry pride and support at the many different games and support your friends and fellow peers as they represent McMurry and their athletic programs. Getting involved is simple, just show up and put yourself out there, you’ll never know what fun you could be having without giving these different events a shot.

There are even several events that are going on this week at McMurry that you can go check out. The Campus Activity Board is putting on an event that invites you to “Spark your Pinterest” which will consist of an afternoon of fun, laughs, and good times with CAB while painting, making bracelets, and making sock bunnies. Be sure to check it out in the campus center on Wednesday the 23rd from 11:00am – 4:00pm.

Another way to get involved this week is to attend the spring into life health fair that will take place in the campus center on Thursday the 24th beginning at 11:00am. This event will have a variety of different activities, one being goat yoga. It will definitely be worth checking out. Lastly, there will be several different sporting events including softball and baseball that you could attend and go cheer on your fellow War Hawks!