News for College Students in a Hurry: Early April 2024

Issue 27: April 3, 2024

-The End of GE: General Electric Corporation was founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison and at one point was a major provider of electrical services in homes across the U.S. However, recently the company has split into two due to a massively decreasing stock outlook. This marks the end of an era of a massively impactful company in American history.

-Taiwan Earthquake: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake recently hit Taiwan leaving a lingering body count as governmental officials scramble to respond to the mass destruction of the massive disaster. With the dead and injured count continuing to grow the country hopes to rebuild from the tragic event.

-Key Bridge Collapse: Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse last month has led to growing maritime concerns. The accident is expected to bring out a $1 Billion insurance claim marking what could be the largest maritime loss ever. The 6 lost lives will continue to be on our minds as the investigation into the event continues to unfold.

-Tesla Competitor: China’s BVD electric car company is continuing to push Tesla as the number one electric vehicle company in the world. China’s continual push of BVD to its citizens has pushed the Chinese-based company into the spotlight. While Tesla has currently overtaken BVD in sales, the rising threat cannot be ignored and will create an interesting rivalry in the growing future of electric vehicles.

-Boeing Issues: Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, was grounded from his recent Boeing flight in what is becoming a disturbing trend for the massive air flight company. Pressure is growing for Boeing to answer questions on their mechanical failures.