Shine Bright Like McMurry: Our Seniors


There are only two months left until seniors proudly walk for their commencement ceremony. The class of 2019 have almost had four years of quality time with McMurry, and several seniors are confident of what they have learned, and are on the road to success. Our seniors are ready to venture off into the “real world” and be a proud War Hawk, wherever they may roam.

            Success starts at the very beginning of the college experience. Alexandria Mendoza, a senior majoring in physics and minoring of math, has been accepted to a PhD of Physics Program at Baylor University. “I think studying at graduate school will open up more opportunities for my future career. I want to do research and work for the government in the future. I am really excited for this offer, and I think McMurry prepared me really well for it,” said Mendoza.

Besides outstanding academic success during her four years at McMurry, Mendoza is active in several extracurricular activities, such as women’s social club AYA, society of physics students, the honors program, and an AEC tutor. “My honor class credits and physics projects really made me more attractive than other abundant applications to the PhD program,” added Mendoza.

            McMurry University is infamous for its honors program. Throughout their four yours at McMurry, honor students are required to complete extra coursework beyond general classes for honor credits. Honor students are also responsible for preparing an honor thesis, which trains students to achieve higher academic goals as undergraduates. Being an honor student is a valuable experience that will be conducive to post-graduation work, whether in higher education or within employment.

            Cody Kovar, who will graduate with a triple major in mathematics, computer science, and political science, is currently in the process of getting ready to work as a programmer for federal government. “I am not limited by coursework. I keep my curiosity and never stop thinking and searching. In my spare time, I like to watch tutorial videos and learn new things. I also enjoy exploring and writing up my own computer programs,” commented Kovar. A triple major comes with big honor as well as high pressure. “I wouldn’t be able to be a triple major had I not be at McMurry. I have received a well-rounded education with diversity here. Due to the small student-to-faculty ratio, I get the chance to work with my professors one-on-one. They have provided me with great encouragement and help,” added Kovar.

            McMurry University is made up of caring faculty and staff. In addition, the 13:1 student-to-faulty ratio truly allows every student and faculty to work closely and to have more interactions that are educational and beneficial to any student. McMurry’s faculty is highly dedicated to help students achieve academic success with support, instruction, and hard work.

            Monica Flores, a senior majoring in business accounting was recently accepted to the Masters of Higher Education Program at the University of Houston. “Getting to work alongside some really important individuals here at McMurry has taught me a lot and has made me grow so much as an individual to the point in which I can feel confident in taking the next step in my career,” said Flores.

As an athlete on the McMurry swim team, Flores also attributes her success to her student-athlete experience at McMurry. “I am really thankful to my coaches and my teammates. They made me better, not only in swimming and in the classroom, but also in life,” concluded Flores.

            McMurry University has a good athletic program that helps athletes with sports training as well as promoting high academic achievement. The athletic program helps students to become successful in sports, academics, and in life.

            Rachel Parr, a senior majoring in religion, has been accepted to a Master Program at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. “The religion department at McMurry is really strong. The class design is harder compared with other universities. However, it has helped me build a strong study background, which has made me become more competitive in applying for a graduate program,” said Parr. “I also benefitted by asking professors and alumni for advice and help. Writing an honor thesis makes me think more and gain more research ability, which will help me tremendously in the near future,” added Parr.

            McMurry University maintains great relationships between students and faculty, as well as, students and alumni. Current students receive opportunities to study and connect with alumni across the nation and across the world. Alumni are always appreciated, welcomed, and loved by the entire university. Such relationships have shaped McMurry to become a lovely community in which students are motivated to work hard and strive for success.

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