A Review of “Shrek”

Issue 16: May 3, 2023

We have one more week until finals! It has been such a busy semester and I’m sure everyone is excited for summer, so in honor of the fun and warm weather and activities I’ll be reviewing the entertaining classic Shrek franchise! The four Shrek movies released between 2001 and 2010 were an instant hit among fans of all ages. By combining humor, animated scenery, catchy music, and entertaining characters, the movies have remained popular over the last two decades.

 Keeping up a healthy meme-able reputation, the Shrek movies have not lost their amusing influences on its viewers. The ageless comedy and interesting plots have kept the attention and hearts of viewers everywhere even after years since their release. The movies appeal to all age brackets and promote a fun and engaging story about an ogre and his life.

The first movie, Shrek, tells the story of a grumpy hermit ogre and his journey to reclaim his home, but along the way finding friendships and love. The chemistry between the two main characters, Shrek (Mike Myers) and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) make the movie inviting and entertaining as they stumble through the unexpected adventures thrown their way. This is a classic hero’s journey that plays on stereotypes, featuring an unlikely hero who defies the odds and achieves success by the movie’s end. Shrek also explores themes of being open to love and connection. Near the end of the film Shrek establishes a romantic relationship with Princess Fiona (Cameron Dias). This unlikely romance blooms as the characters learn and grow with each other. After the unexpected reveal that Fiona is also an ogre, their love is truly able to thrive, ultimately showing how love can be found anywhere for anyone.

This leads to the second movie, Shrek 2, that focuses on Shrek and Fiona’s life after they get married. This movie takes a closer look at Shrek’s family, with comedic moments coming from the couple and their foils as they try to be accepted by their new in-laws. The King (John Cleese) and Queen (Julie Andrews) are hesitant to accept their daughter’s identity and new husband, causing some tension between them and Shrek. This causes insecurities within Shrek and Fiona’s relationship, leading to the magical twist of each of them turning human. This event makes way for the character Prince Charming’s (Ruppert Everett) attempt to sabotage Shrek and Fiona’s relationship.  Shrek 2 has similar themes as the first movie, but deals with new found insecurities and the importance of communication and security.

There are 2 other movies within the Shrek franchise that engage and entertain just as much as the original set. Each satisfying and captivating their audiences. Overall, these movies create a lighthearted and enjoyable watching experience for all viewers, so as the end of the semester gets closer and closer, consider revisiting these fun and amusing movies to kick off your summer activities!