Following Your Heart, Dreaming Big, and Appreciating the Little Things


“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” -Rikki Rogers

The trials and tribulations of life put you through many challenges that test the limits and make you feel as if you can’t continue any longer. When you continue to get up and try again after you have been knocked down many times you gain something from it. You gain the strength after the world put you down. It is when you are deciding to push through and continue to set bigger and better dreams and/or goals.

Nothing is guaranteed in life and you must do what is best for you and your journey in this world. Trusting yourself and following your heart should be a top priority because living for other people won’t make you happy and won’t get you anywhere. Following the dreams that you have and making a plan instead of just wishing to be elsewhere in life.

Being motivated to do better in your classes and life in general is a great advantage and being able to be self-disciplined when the motivation is gone is a great advantage as well. Following your heart and being motivated will lead you to achieving your big goals and dreams that you have set for yourself

You should always encourage yourself and motivate yourself in everything you have passion for. Rather it be in your classes, your job, or even in life, you must go with what you think is best and follow through with it. Never hold yourself back and set those high standards for yourself and never stop climbing till you get to the top. Along the way in your journey of life you will run into little things and in the long run it is the little things and the memories that you have created that you will appreciate.

You never realize the little things in life that go unappreciated every day until one day when something happens, and you no longer have those little things in life which make you realize that we should show more appreciation. I realized this here recently when we had to go through the snowstorm, and we lost our water. I had taken the little things like flushing a toilet or showering or even washing my hands in the sink. After experiencing this I now have a bigger appreciation for everyday things that I don’t ever think about.

Never forget that you should always remember to follow your heart, always dream big, and appreciate the little things in life. Don’t worry about the future, instead live in the moment and do what your hearts desires because you will end up missing out on life. Always do better for yourself and always push for the better. Remember that your dreams are what you want to achieve. So, if you want to achieve big things in life be sure to dream big. The sky is the limit.