Looking to Our Seniors


Every year McMurry University has the great privilege of passing on a new generation of graduates into the real world. Whether it is to further their knowledge or careers in graduate school, return home for a much needed break, or to plunge themselves into the workforce, the McMurry community is sad to see their seniors go, but excited to see what they will go on to do.

Symone Fiedler, a Theatre Arts major, is one of those contemplating graduate school. She spoke of a desire to work in theater administration and that while she is confident she can pursue her goals without graduate school, there are certain benefits that may come with it that she is still considering.

One student, Madison Brooks, an education major, is hoping to start teaching right out of college. While she has been prepared to teach a variety of age groups, her ideal demographic would most definitely be elementary students. “They’re very cute and eager to learn!” said a smiling Madison. She has also juggled with the idea of teaching abroad. With the help of certain teaching programs, she may be able to get an opportunity to travel and teach in an entirely different country, which is certainly exciting.

Four years fly by in a flash, what were once timid freshman are now seasoned seniors. Many if not all of the seniors I spoke with looked back on their younger selves and commented on how much they have changed and how silly they seemed before. In a mere four years at college, people mature at great pace, getting ready to shed the cocoons of adolescence and emerge into actual adulthood. Although the concept may sound daunting, the result is always satisfying.

I, myself, am a senior student here at McMurry, and while I will admit that the thought of taking care of myself in the ”real world” is intimidating, I do believe that my time here at McMurry has given me the tools I need to prepare myself for the responsibilities I will have to take on. Lessons I learned not just from within the classroom, but out of it as well. From the friends and connections I have made, from the travel and leadership opportunities provided by the university, and the unique personal growth I have done on my own, I am more ready than I have ever been to face the world and whatever it has to bring.